Waterproof TV Television Company Client

RAYSGEM Clientele

For customers who have high standards

In some cases, your idea of a product, including product concept, design and everything, customers want none. To provide a unique product of their own, what RAYSGEM can mark on such model will only be our core technology and strict quality standards. So far, we've given Mercedes-Benz and Derucci their own product solution based on this mutual understanding. RAYSGEM ultimate customization service has entered Auto, furniture and kitchen industries and more.

Made to Measure

Personalized built-in design

In hospitality industry, especially 5+ star hotels, RAYSGEM products have become an indispensable part of hotel signature, because of which, each seemingly similar requirement for every hotel case, there's certain level of customization. Up to now, RAYSGEM have provided customized products for many high-end hotel chains all over the world.

Professional Service

From providing products to designing the whole package

For a customized model, blending in to any design is the essential part of product concept. Started from providing products, RAYSGEM now participate in mockup room design along with developers. Seamless integration, and achieving the best mirror effect are part of our service. No matter it's a hotel or developer's building, RAYSGEM put in the same effort with professional service.