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The moment when a ray of light pierced through the gem

RAYSGEM tries to explain a splendid moment. When a ray of light pierced through the gem, both have been magically changed. Light becomes colourfully dreamy, and because of the light, the gem turned to be gloriously bright.

RAYSGEM, that’s what we call it. It’s a bang of light and the gem, a collision of technology and luxury, a combination of creativity and life.
From the combination of waterproof technology and display technology, to the development of broad temperature range technology and high brightness, and to the light and mirror panel, RAYSGEM now offers you waterproof TV, mirror TV,kitchen TV, outdoor TV and other high end product including customised design and development. We now can offer you a full range of products with improved luxury of RAYSGEM.


RAYSGEM is a young dynamic team with core team member being in special TV industry for 8 years. Since 2004, we have designed hand-made bathroom TV for the British aristocratic, in 2006, we updated all mirror TVs for InterContinental Hotel in the United States.

Vision and Value

RAYSGEM firstly shone out with great brilliancy and explained the meaning of luxury. If the GEM represents quality, then the soul of which is definitely the RAY, which is reminding people of the true meaning of luxury.

  • 1.A bang of light and gem

    When the most colourful images shows through RAYSGEM crystal panel, you’ll understand the meaning of “RAYSGEM”. Dedicated in optical display, our development team has been improving both mirror and display at the same time.

  • 2. A collision of technology and luxury

    If artificial LED light is technology, then crystal panel is undoubtedly luxury. Add crystal of human wisdom to a perfect gem, what do you get? That’s also what RAYSGEM’s been chasing after! Unceasingly improving the mirror display and light control technology, RAYSGEM
    also brings the quality of mirror panel to a new level. We find the collision of both can be magical and luxurious.

  • 3.A combination of creativity and life

    Until now, have you ever had the idea of watching TV during bubble bath? Or have your mirror tell you how to bring out the best make up when you look into it? Or a French chef teaching you how to cook when you are preparing dinner?..... RAYSGEM has done all.
    this by combining creativity and life together. Now people have also brings the quality of mirror panel to a new level. We find the collision of both can be magical and luxurious.