Waterproof TV Television Innovation

Original Idea

How many beautiful moments you have missed in your lifetime? Missed a ball game during shower? RAYSGEM waterproof TV was designed from this idea of ours. A TV you can watch your favorite shows while you are in the bathtub. No need to worry about safety or condensation. Whether you are back at home or hotel after a long day's hard work, you can now fix yourself a hot bath and relax in TV watching.

Concept & Design

A bathroom TV requires concealed installation during interior decoration, or in a limited space, TV will get in the way. To solve this, RAYSGEM designed several installation methods for bathroom environment. For a TV to be working in humid environment, it has to be IPx5 above waterproof. Every RAYSGEM waterproof TV has passed IPX6 test with unique waterproof structure. Now we need to think about heat dispersion since it's a airtight structure. A patent protect structure & material has been filed by RAYSGEM with our own heat dispersion system.

More Ideas

Our product keeps improving. So far, we have updated and developed more comprehensive models to complete the TV function with multiple control and smart waterproof remote and etc..
You are also welcome to join us at RAYSGEM INNOVATION LAB. Let's brainstorm for more and better.