Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror M1

The mystery in the mirror


Stunning Design
Excellent Performance

Whole new design with fine craftsmanship, all at your convenience.


Health management
we cover for you

Smart M1 supports skin analyzer, weight scale, sleep monitor and other health devices as extension. By gathering and docu- menting user health data everyday, Mirror gives personal hea- lth service automatically after big data analysis.

Intelligent products (weight scales)


One Touch | Smooth as Silk

21.5” full HD display with 10 capacitive touch screen. One touch as smooth as

silk, just to present you a perfect interactive experience.


Simple & Slick UI

Simple design with instant interaction, comprehensive app extension and smart control over external devices, M1 also provide weather, news and health updates for daily use.


Core technology, always aiming for more.

We believe in design and craftsmanship, with our professional R & D team, now there’s this amazing mirror product with core technologies.

  • uploads/ Core Technology
  • uploads/ professional design
  • uploads/ Perception
  • uploads/ Flexible customization


Environmental sensing

Environmental temperature and

Odor detection

Fresh air system

Environmental dehumidification

Odor removal

Air circulation

Smart shower

flow control

Constant temperature setting

Smart mirror

Health data collectio

Schedule Management

Environmental Data Collection

Recreation center

Overall bathroom control

Lighting control

Timing control

Human induction

Smart shower

Constant temperature setting

flow control

Intelligent towel rack

Drying dehumidification


Smart toilet

Health function

Automatic induction


Dimensions (mm) M1 Smart Mirror